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3.7 Menus

ne’s menus are extremely straightforward. The suggested way of learning their use is by trial and error, with a peek here and there at this manual when some doubts arise.

You activate menus with the f1 key, or in case your keyboard does not have such a key, Escape, Escape-Escape or any key that is bound to the Escape command. Move around the menus pressing with the cursor keys and the page up/down keys (which move to the first or last menu item in a menu). You can also move around menus and menu items by pressing the alphabetic keys; a lower case letter will move to the first item in the current menu whose name starts with the given letter; an upper case letter will move to the first menu whose name starts with the given letter.

Each menu item of ne’s standard menu corresponds to a single command. In explaining what each menu item allows you to do, we shall simply refer you to the section that explains the command relative to the menu item.

If you plan to change ne’s menu (see Changing Menus), you should take a look at the file default.menus that comes with ne’s distribution. It contains a complete menu configuration that clones the standard one.

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