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4.3.8 SelectDoc

Syntax: SelectDoc
Abbreviation: SD

displays a requester containing the names of all the documents in memory. Your cursor will be on your current document’s name, and documents with unsaved changes will be indicated with asterisks (and bold if your terminal supports that). You select whichever document you want to become the current document.

While the list of documents is displayed, you can alter their relative order using your NextDoc and PrevDoc keys (f2 and f3), which have the effect of swapping your currently selected document with the next or previous document in the list, respectively.

If you escape from the requester, the requester goes away, you are returned to your original current document, and no reordering of documents takes place.

SelectDoc is especially useful if you have a large number of documents open or if you want to quickly see which documents contain unsaved changes. See NextDoc, and PrevDoc.