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4.10.23 AdjustView

Syntax: AdjustView [T|M|B|L|C|R] [n]
Abbreviation: AV

shifts the view (text visible in the terminal window) horizontally or vertically without changing the cursor’s position in the document. View adjustments are constrained by the current TAB size and the length and width of the current document. If called with no arguments ‘T’ is assumed.

T’, ‘M’, and ‘B’ cause vertical shifts so that the current line becomes the top, middle, or bottom-most visible line respectively.

L’, ‘C’, and ‘R’ cause horizontal shifts, making the current column the left-most, center, or right-most visible positions.

A optional number n immediately after ‘T’, ‘B’, ‘L’, or ‘R’ indicate the number or rows or columns to shift the view toward the top, bottom, left, or right of the window.

Horizontal and vertical adjustment specifications may be combined, so that for example ‘AdjustView TL’ shifts the view so that the current position becomes the top left-most character on screen (within the limits of the current TAB size). Likewise, ‘AdjustView B3R5’ shifts the view three lines toward the bottom and five columns (excepting TAB size) toward the right.