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4.5.11 AutoComplete

Syntax: AutoComplete [prefix]
Abbreviation: AC

attempts to extend the prefix using matching words from your open documents, and inserts the extended text into your document. If the prefix can be extended unambiguously, the matching text is immediately inserted into your document. Otherwise, ne displays a selection of all words in open documents that match prefix, and inserts the word you select into the current document. Matching words from the current document display normally; those which only exist in other open documents are bold and with a trailing asterisk. If no prefix is given on the command line, or if AutoComplete is selected from the Extras menu or using a keyboard shortcut, the word characters to the immediate left of the cursor in the current document are used as the prefix. Note that if no word characters are to the left of the cursor, or the prefix given on the command line is an empty string (""), then all words in all your open documents are displayed. Prefix matches may be case sensitive or not depending on the current document’s CaseSearch flag state. See CaseSearch.