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4.9.5 FastGUI

Syntax: FastGUI [0|1]
Abbreviation: FG

sets the fast graphical user interface flag. When this flag is true, ne tries to print as little as possible while displaying menus and the status bar. In particular, menu items are highlighted by the cursor only, the status bar is not highlighted (which allows printing it with fewer characters), the current position of the mark is not highlighted, and the hexadecimal code for the character under the cursor is not displayed. This option is only (but very) useful if you are using ne through a slow connection.

If you invoke FastGUI with no arguments, it will toggle the flag. If you specify 0 or 1, the flag will be set to false or true, respectively.

The FastGUI setting is saved in your ~/.ne/.default#ap file when you use the SaveDefPrefs command or the ‘Save Def Prefs’ menu. It is not saved by the SaveAutoPrefs command.