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4.9.1 Flags

Syntax: Flags
Abbreviation: FLAG

displays a list of all the status flags for ne and their associated commands. It is not recorded when recording a macro.

  i   Insert        I    inserts new characters (vs. replacing)
  a   AutoIndent    AI   aligns cursor under previous line after <Return>
  b   SearchBack    SB   searches search backward rather than forward
  c   CaseSearch    CS   searches are case sensitive
  w   WordWrap      WW   breaks long lines as you type
  f   FreeForm      FF   allows cursor to move beyond the end of lines
  p   AutoPrefs     AP   use automatic preferences based on file extension
  v   VerboseMacros VM   record macros using use long command names
  u   DoUndo        DU   record edits for later undoing
  r   ReadOnly      RO   changes are not allowed/saves are prompted
  t/T Tabs          TAB  TAB key inserts TABs instead of spaces
  T   ShiftTabs     SHT  Shift may insert TABs (only if 't' is also set)
  d   DelTabs       DT   BS and DEL may remove tabs worth of space
  B/! Binary        B    affects file loading/saving
  M   Mark          M    mark set for line-oriented block operations
  V   MarkVert      MV   like mark, but block is rectangle
  R   Record        REC  actions are being recorded in a macro
  P   PreserveCR    PCR  affects how <CR> chars are loaded from files
  C   CRLF          CRLF use CR/LF as line terminator
  @   UTF8IO        U8IO I/O (keyboard and terminal) are UTF-8 encoded
A/8/U UTF8          U8   the document encoding (ASCII, 8-bit or UTF-8)
  */_ Modified      MOD  document has been modified since last saved
  _   (none)             file's modtime changed since doc was loaded/saved

The RequestOrder and AutoMatchBracket flags’ states are not indicated on the status bar. See RequestOrder and AutoMatchBracket respectively. A ‘!’ indicates the last line is not terminated.

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