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4.11.1 InsertChar

Syntax: InsertChar [code]
Abbreviation: IC

inserts a character whose ASCII code is code at the current cursor position. code can be either decimal, hexadecimal if preceded by ‘0x’, or octal if preceded by ‘0’. In any case, code must be different from 0. All the currently active preferences options (insert, word wrapping, auto indent, et cetera) are applied.

If the optional argument code is not specified, you can enter it on the input line, the default being the last inserted character.

Note that inserting a line feed (10) is completely different from inserting a line with InsertLine. InsertChar 10 puts the control char Control-J in the text at the current cursor position. See InsertLine.

Note also that SaveMacro converts InsertChar commands into a possibly smaller number of InsertString commands. This makes macros easier to read and edit. See SaveMacro.