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4.4.2 MarkVert

Syntax: MarkVert [0|1]
Abbreviation: MV

is the same as Mark, but the region manipulated by the cut/paste commands is the rectangle having as vertices the cursor and the mark. If you invoke MarkVert with no arguments, it will set the mark. If you specify 0 or 1, the mark will be cancelled or set to the current position, respectively. Moreover, a capital ‘V’, rather than a capital ‘M’, will appear on the status bar.

For example, if you have the following text:


and you set a vertical mark at ‘B’ then move the cursor to ‘C’, you can cut or copy all of the ‘B’s.

If you have made a vertical cut or copy, it’s very likely you will want to use PasteVert rather than the usual Paste to reinsert the text in a rectangle. See PasteVert.