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4.6.1 Record

Syntax: Record [0|1]
Abbreviation: REC

starts, stops, cancels, or resumes macro recording. With no arguments, Record starts recording your commands as a new macro unless recording is already underway. In that case, macro recording is stopped, and the newly recorded macro replaces the current document’s unnamed macro. The new macro can be played or saved via Play, or SaveMacro. The default key binding for Control-T is Record with no arguments, and is by far the most common way to use the Record command.

If you’ve started recording a macro and wish to cancel rather than wipe out your existing macro, you can cancel the recording by using Record 0. An error will be displayed if you aren’t recording already, but it’s harmless.

Sometimes you’ve got a macro either recorded or loaded from a file (see OpenMacro), but you’d like to record additional commands onto the end of it. Record 1 will do that. It will start recording onto the end of a copy of your current document’s macro. An error will be displayed if you are already recording, but it’s otherwise harmless.