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4.9.18 VerboseMacros

Syntax: VerboseMacros [0|1]
Abbreviation: VM

sets the verbose macros flag. When this flag is true, all macros generated by recording or by automatic preferences saving will contain full names, instead of short names. This is highly desirable if you are going to edit the macro manually, but it can slow down command parsing.

If you invoke VerboseMacros with no arguments, it will toggle the flag. If you specify 0 or 1, the flag will be set to false or true, respectively. A lower case ‘v’ will appear on the status bar if the flag is true.

The only reason to use this flag is when recording a macro that will be played a great number of times. Automatic preferences files are too short to be an issue with respect to execution timing.

The VerboseMacros setting is saved in your ~/.ne/.default#ap file when you use the SaveDefPrefs command or the ‘Save Def Prefs’ menu. It is not saved by the SaveAutoPrefs command.