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4.10.27 GotoBookmark

Syntax: GotoBookmark [n|+1|-1|<|>|-]|?]
Abbreviation: GBM

moves the cursor to the designated bookmark if that bookmark is set; see SetBookmark. Each document has 10 available bookmarks designated ‘0’ to ‘9’, either end of the most recently pasted text block designated ‘<’ and ‘>’, plus the automatic bookmark designated by ‘-’. If no option is given, ‘0’ is assumed. The options ‘+1’ and ‘-1’ indicate respectively the next and previous set bookmarks, so that repeated GotoBookmark +1 commands will cycle through all currently set numbered bookmarks.

When successful, the automatic bookmark ‘-’ is set to the position in the document from which the command was issued, so that GotoBookmark - returns you to the location from which you last issued a successful GotoBookmark command. Subsequent repeated GotoBookmark - commands will toggle you between the two locations.

The ‘?’ option will cause GotoBookmark to prompt you for a bookmark designation. The promp will include an indication of which bookmarks are currently set. You may find this useful in macros, or to bind a key to ‘GotoBookmark ?’.