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4.10.26 SetBookmark

Syntax: SetBookmark [n|+1|-1|-|?]
Abbreviation: SBM

sets a document bookmark to the current cursor position. Each document has 10 available bookmarks designated ‘0’ to ‘9’, plus the automatic bookmark designated by ‘-’. If no option is given, ‘0’ is assumed. Values of n from ‘0’ to ‘9’ set the nth bookmark, while ‘+1’ and ‘-1’ indicate respectively the next and previous available unset bookmarks. You can also set the ‘-’ automatic bookmark, but it will be reset automatically to the current position whenever a GotoBookmark command is issued.

The ‘?’ option will cause SetBookmark to prompt you for a bookmark designation. The promp will include an indication of which bookmarks are currently set. You may find this useful in macros, or to bind a key to ‘SetBookmark ?’.