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4.8.2 Paragraph

Syntax: Paragraph [n]
Abbreviation: PA

reformats n paragraphs from the cursor position onwards. If n is not specified, it is assumed to be one. The paragraphs are formatted relatively to the value of the right margin as set by the RightMargin command. See RightMargin.

ne’s notion of a paragraph includes the current non-blank line (regardless of its leading white space) and all subsequent non-blank lines that have identical (to each other’s—not to the first line’s) leading white space. Therefore your paragraphs can have various first line indentations and left margins.

After the Paragraph command completes, your cursor will be positioned on the first non-blank character after the last reformatted paragraph (or, if there is no such character, at the end of the document).

Paragraph does not insert “smart” spaces after full stops and colons, nor does it do other “smart” things such as justification. If you need such facilities, you should consider using a text formatter. TeX for example is usually an excellent choice.