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4.9.30 Syntax

Syntax: Syntax [name|*]
Abbreviation: SY

loads the syntax with the given name, and colors the current document accordingly.

If the optional name argument is not specified, you are prompted for one. The current one, if set, is suggested as the default. Use the Tab key for a requester of the extant syntax recognizers. The special name * turns off syntax highlighting for the current document. Otherwise, name must match a syntax definition either in your ~/.ne/syntax directory or in a directory named ‘syntax’ inside ne’s global directory. Additionally, ne has a table mapping common suffixes to syntax names. If there is no syntax with a given name, ne will try to remap the name using the following table (the string before the colon is the name of the syntax file):

   ada: adb, ads
   asm: s
   c: c++, cc, cpp, cxx, h, h++, hpp, l, lex, y, yacc
   cobol: cbl, cob
   csh: tcsh
   diff: patch
   fortran: f, F, for, f90, F90
   html: htm
   java: js
   lisp: el, lsp
   mason: mas
   ocaml: ml, mli
   pascal: p, pas
   perl: pl, pm
   ps: eps
   puppet: pp
   python: py, sage
   rexx: rex
   ruby: rb
   sh: bash, bash_login, bash_logout, bash_profile, bashrc, ksh,
       profile, rc
   skill: il
   tex: latex, dtx, sty
   texinfo: texi, txi
   troff: 1
   verilog: v, vh, vhd
   xml: xsd
   yaml: yml