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4.9.31 UTF8

Syntax: UTF8 [0|1]
Abbreviation: U8

sets the UTF-8 flag. When this flag is true, ne considers the current document as UTF-8 coded. Note that this flag is set automatically upon file loading (if possible) if you required automatic detection. See UTF8Auto.

If you invoke UTF8 with no arguments, it will toggle the flag. If you specify 0 or 1, the flag will be set to false or true, respectively. When you try to set this flag, the document will be checked for UTF-8 compliance, and you will get an error message in case of failure. When you try to reset it, the document is set to ASCII or 8-bit, depending on its content. A ‘U’ will appear on the status bar if the flag is true. Alternatively, an ‘A’ or an ‘8’ will be displayed to denote whether the document is composed exclusively by US-ASCII characters, or also by other 8-bit characters (whose encoding is likely to be part of the ISO-8859 family). Note that each time this command modifies the document encoding, it also resets the undo buffer.