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3.7.8 Prefs

The Prefs menu contains commands related to setting, storing, and using your preferred document flags.

Tab Size…

See TabSize.

Tabs as Spaces

See Tabs.


See Insert.

Free Form

See FreeForm.

Status Bar

See StatusBar.

Hex Code

See HexCode.

Fast GUI

See FastGUI.

Word Wrap

See WordWrap.

Right Margin

See RightMargin.

Auto Indent

See AutoIndent.

Request Order

See RequestOrder.

Preserve CR

See PreserveCR.

Save CR/LF


Load Prefs…

See LoadPrefs.

Save Prefs…

See SavePrefs.

Load AutoPrefs

See LoadAutoPrefs.

Save AutoPrefs

See SaveAutoPrefs.

Save Def Prefs

See SaveDefPrefs.